De mobiele klantenkaart heeft de traditionele ‘plastic klantenkaart’ volledig vervangen en zal aankomende jaren een steeds prominentere plek innemen maar ‘key’ blijft nog steeds het blijven prikkelen van de klant. Onderstaand resultaten van Insider Trends die een onderzoek deed naar loyaliteitsprogramma’s.

Downfall of traditional retail loyalty schemes

Customers are the soul of any business and fulflling their needs is imperative. Even though attracting new customers is crucial, companies must emphasise holding onto existing ones, by creating a loyal relationship between them and the brand. Many brands have tried to sustain the customer loyalty by using loyalty programs, including cards, points and rewards, but it can be argued that they have started losing their impact.

Loyalty programs have reached their saturation point, with 3.3 billion loyalty program memberships in the US alone, an average of 29 loyalty programme memberships per household. From the above statistics, 58% don’t effectively partake in those memberships. Also, many of those loyalty programs do not have a compelling added value for the consumers. Indeed, 44% of consumers agree that they would easily replace a loyalty program with a competitor brand’s program. Additionally, one in three consumers suggest that loyalty programs haven’t saved them a penny, as well as 8 million customers use their loyalty cards less than a year ago.